Rich Harvest
An Unusually rich harvest is gathered in a province. There is so much food that there is no room to store it.

Conditions Edit

Must be at least Settled Lands and a plains province.

Options and ConsequencesEdit

  1. Arrange a festival feast (-50Gold)
    • The feast is extremely successful. The festivities last a whole day. Almost everything that could not fit into the cellars is consumed. The people will remember this celebration for a long time to come (+2 Content.jpg, +1 Karma_positive.png)
      1. Excellent!
      2. Ah, the happiness of mortals...
  1. Sell the surplus food (+80Gold)
  2. Distribute the food among the poor.
    • Poor beggars move into the province from all sorts of place. (The population is increased by 20–40%, -1 Very_discontent.jpg and +3 Karma_positive.png)