New Horizons is a stand-alone mod of the first game in the series, Eador: Genesis. It can be played without having Genesis.

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New Horizons Encyclopedia:

Features Edit

  • Unit promotions (all castle units, except for the T4 units, have a chance to be upgraded to stronger and better ones, all the promotions are within one tier only).
  • Tactical improvements, since there are a lot of new abilities, spells and units the AI will surprise you with new combinations of challenging enemies.
  • All mercenaries are now T1.5 units (T1 promotions), so you have a choice to either buy a powerful and costly unit or an army of weaker ones.
  • Balance changes to hero skills and hero class.
  • 150+ new units (including castle units, all kinds of monsters and powerful bosses).
  • 200+ new spells (including all kinds of blessings and curses, damaging spells, AoE spells and even instant kill spells if you are lucky enough to find them).
  • 250+ new items (including weapons, armor, jewellery and artefacts to summon powerful monsters and contracts to hire new units).
  • 20+ new item sets (giving all kinds of cool bonuses if you are able to obtain them).
  • Various new races plus expanded and improved existing ones (no more Goblins and Orcs together, all of them have their own melee, spellcasting and ranged units).
  • Various new buildings (including epic tier shops and a casino) and new rituals.
  • Several hundred new encounters and events.
  • Hundreds of new images, graphics, sounds and visual improvements, including the models for all the hero subclasses.
  • New music pack from the composer of the original Eador.
  • Nearly a hundred new neutral armies, suited for different playing styles.
  • Nearly every alliance quest reworked for consistency.
  • Countless new combat abilities for units old and new.
  • Numerous improvements to game balance.
  • Huge amount of improvements to game lore and universe logic.
  • Campaign balance and flow much improved.
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