Buildings can be constructed both in your Stronghold, as well as in your Provinces. They are divided into nine different city quarters, as well as four stages of development. In the Campaign mode, most of these Buildings have to be unlocked by conquering the appropriate shard first.

If you lack one or several of the resources required for a building (say, Iron), it will be substituted by Gold or Crystals, raising the total price of that building.

Eador build screen

Building Menu in the Stronghold.

Amusement QuarterEdit

These buildings help you keep those pesky peasants from uprising every two turns, by duefully distracting them from their daily drudgery. See the link for the detailed table.

Magicians QuarterEdit

By your Powers combined! These buildings unlock spells of the different categories: Wizardry, Sorcery, Elemental Magic, Sacred Magic, Necromancy, and Chaos. See the link for the detailed table.

Note: You can only learn or change your hero's spells in either your Stronghold, or in a Province with a Library.

Merchants QuarterEdit

All things your heroes want for weapons, equipment and armor can be found in the Merchants Quarter. See the link for the detailed table.

Warriors QuarterEdit

You build your barracks, and recruit your warriors in here, so they can go out and kill things. See the link for the detailed table.

Temple QuarterEdit

For all buildings in your Realm representing the Good and the Holy. See the link for the detailed table.

Craftsmen QuarterEdit

The buildings in this quarter are for general craftsmanship, and for the growth and prosperity of your realm. See the link for the detailed table.

Forest QuarterEdit

The Forest Quarter is all about making the most of your Forests and Swamps. See the link for the detailed table.

Foreigners QuarterEdit

The Foreigners quarter is only accessible if you have made an alliance with a non-Human species, like the Centaurs, Halflings or Dwarves.See the link for the detailed table.

Centre QuarterEdit

Buildings in your Stronghold centre help you manage your ever-growing empire, reducing the inevitable corruption.See the link for the detailed table.

Amusement Quarter / Magicians Quarter / Merchants Quarter / Warriors Quarter / Temple Quarter / Craftsmen Quarter / Forest Quarter / Foreigners Quarter / Centre Quarter