Ambassadors from a province have a arrived to see you. They have brought a petition from all of the people of the province requesting that they be allowed th secede from your empire.

The ambassadors assure you that the people are not in an aggressive mood but are so freedom-loving by nature that they cannot live under someone else's command. The people in the province trust your wisdom and magnanimity, but if you refuse, they are going to fight for their freedom to the last drop of thier blood.

Options and ConsequencesEdit

  1. Impale the ambassadores!
    • The province rebels agains you.
  2. Give up the province.
    • The province leaves your control peacfully.
  3. Continue negotiations.
    • You can pay -300Gold and -50Crystals to keep everyone happy.
      • The ambassadors take the gold and the gems with gratitude and assure you of their loyalty to the empire.
        1. We'll see.
        2. Great!
  4. Bribe the ambassadors (-150Gold).
    • Success: The province stays calm.
    • Failure: province accuses their own ambassadors of spreading imperial propaganda and rebels against you anyway.